Sermon = Who we trust him (Mark 4)

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d7c3d6a14df055cc53497c632e622a83Sermon = Who We Trust Him
Text = Mark 4:35-41
Sunday = 5th Sunday after Pentecost (B)

Powerpoint presentation in Google Drive

  • volcanoes in Hawaii and Guatemala
  • *** violence in schools
  • death + destruction because of natural disasters
    • earthquakes volcanoes floods
  • and because human beings choose to do violence against others
  • we might not face volcanoes or mass shootings
  • more often we face other kinds of storms
  • Jesus says Let us go to the other side
  • They leave the crowd
  • Take Jesus with them in the boat just as he was
  • A great storm comes up
  • Waves beat against the boat
  • Filling with water
  • Jesus is in the back asleep on a cushion
  • Bible reading from Mark 4 addresses issue of chaos
  • *** how God in Christ responds to chaos in the world
  • how we respond to it
  • who Jesus is
  • and how we respond to Jesus
  • chaos is…

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Live from Livingston – June 2018

Newsletter_08_201806 (DOCX)
Newsletter_08_201806 (PDF)

Volume 1 | Issue 8 | June 2018


We completed our journey through Lent and the Paschal Feast (also known as Easter) then Pentecost – my favorite Feast day of the Christian calendar – and then that strange Sunday called Trinity Sunday which emphasizes not an event but a doctrine. We now enter – cue drum roll – Ordinary Time! Recently called the Season after Pentecost which is better. Pentecost marks when by the power of the Holy Spirit the Christian church continues the work and mission of Christ. One can say Advent through Pentecost focuses on the story of Jesus. The season after Pentecost answers the question, So now what? And focuses on the church, how we witness to the saving work of God in Christ.

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Sermon = How ends the story, because (Mark 16)

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wpid-resurrection-jesus-mafa-2Sermon = Finish the story. Because
Text = Mark 16a
Sunday = Feast of the Resurrection (B) 

Presentation_Mark16_EasterB_20180401 (PPTX)

*** Introduction

  • while Sam + Frodo exhausted with no food or water struggle to climb the slope of Mount Doom
  • *** Aragorn + Gandalf + small army make their final stand before the black gate of Mordor and the armies of Sauron
  • will they succeed? or will Sauron enslave + destroy everyone in Middle Earth?
  • how does the story end?
  • ***When the Sabbath is over Mary Magdalene + Mary mother of James + Salome buy spices so that can go + anoint the body of Jesus
  • Scripture for today from Mark 16
  • begins with reality of death
  • other Scriptures describe clearly
  • beginning with Genesis 3
  • death is not + was not plan and purpose of God for creation including human beings
  • because God intended life for us
  • these same women saw…

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Sermon = Who…? (Mark 11)

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jesus-mafa-last-supperSermon = Who…?
Text = Mark 11
Day = Holy Thursday

Editorial note = I think this is one of the better sermons I have prepared over the course of 22 years of ministry. I do not recall how I noticed? read? the exegetical insight into how the gospel of Mark tells the story of the Passion of Christ.

Great pizza and Lady Gaga.

Celebrating our daughter Mary’s birthday. Driving home from Schlitz and Giggles. Listening to music on the radio. New song by Avril Lavigne. And that new song by Lady Gaga that some people are angry about it.

Judas. Judas? Oh right. The disciple who betrays Jesus.

Hold that question in mind for a minute. Who betrays Jesus.

This is how the gospel of Mark tells the story.

When evening comes Jesus arrives with the Twelve. While they are lying down at the table eating he says, I…

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Sermon = Are we where (Mark 11)

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palmsundaySermon = Are we where
Text = Mark 11
Sunday = Palm Sunday (B)

Presentation_PalmB_Mark11_20180325 (PPTX)


  • *** What day is today?
  • Today we emphasize Palm Sunday
  • Remember / experience / reflect upon the last Sunday
  • First day of that week
  • When finally Jesus arrives at Jerusalem
  • Take a moment to recognize what happens
  • The way gospel of Mark describes
  • Begins final act
  • Moment of crisis toward which gospel of Mark has been taking us
  • First half = Galilee… who is this Jesus?
  • Answer = Messiah / son of the living God
  • And do we understand?
  • Now on the way to Jerusalem… what kind of messiah?
  • Jesus consistently predicts he will be rejected + arrested + killed
  • And rise again
  • *** Finally Jesus + followers come to Jerusalem
  • In gospel of Mark Jesus comes as a pilgrim
  • With tens of thousands of others
  • *** Once in a lifetime pilgrimage to…

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Sermon = Instruction/Covenant of the heart (Psalm 119 and Jeremiah 31)

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jeremiah_lamentingSermon = Instruction/Covenant of the Heart
Text = Psalm 119 and Jeremiah 31
Sunday = 5th Sunday in Lent (B)

Presentation_Psalm119_Jermeiah31_Instructionoftheheart_5LentB_20180318 (PPTX)


  • Jan Dismas Zelenka
  • *** Died 1745
  • Czech composer + musician of Baroque period
  • Knew Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Sometimes competed for same position
  • Bach had high opinion
  • Since World War 2 a movement to rediscover + publish + perform his compositions
  • Such as famous + difficult trio sonatas for oboes + bassoon
  • Listen + try to play one
  • Sonata = piece of music not sung but played
  • Very important during Baroque period
  • Usually short
  • Often 3 movements
  • Why talk about Jan Zelenka + sonatas on 5th Sunday of Lent?
  • This week felt led to two Bible readings
  • Share 2 sermonatas or homiletas
  • A sermon with two short movements
  • First movement
  • *** How does a young person – how do young people – keep their way pure?

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Live from Livingston – March 2018

Newsletter_07_201803 (PDF)
Newsletter_07_201803 (DOCX)

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