Sermon = The other side of Christmas (Luke 1b)

Plenum creaturis

The Annunciation by Henry Ossawa Tanner 1896Sermon = The other side of Christmas
Text = Luke 1b
Sunday = 4AdventB or ChristmasEveB


*** Introduction

The angel Gabriel is sent by God to a town in Galilee called Nazareth to a virgin promised to a man whose name is Joseph of the family tree of David. And the name of the virgin is Mary. And Gabriel comes to her and says, “Greetings favored one! The Lord is with you!” But she is troubled by what he says and wonders what kind of greeting this is.

– Mary

– for last few years have been thinking about the role of Mary in the great story of salvation

– *** Scripture readings + songs + traditions as we journey through season of Advent

– emphasize rightly how God creator of the universe will send his only son

– who enters the world

– takes on flesh and shares…

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Sermon = The winter Lent (Isaiah 61)

Plenum creaturis

k121-28_jesus_teaches_with_authority_at_capernaums_synagogue_75Sermon = The winter Lent
Text = Isaiah 61 and Luke 1
Sunday = 3rd Sunday of Advent (B) or 3AdventB

  • We wish you a merry Christmas
  • Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way
  • Christmas parties with food + drink
  • Let us celebrate Christmas together
  • *** As we should
  • Scripture we hear as we journey through Advent
  • Challenge us with the why of Christmas
  • The why of the gospel
  • The why of the good news of God about his son Jesus Christ
  • Good news to those who suffer
  • Who mourn
  • Who cannot save themselves
  • People living in darkness have seen a great light
  • As we prepare to celebrate
  • Pause to remember why people long for comfort
  • Long for God to break in and offer hope
  • Accomplish salvation among us + in us
  • *** Spirit of Lord God is upon me
  • Because Lord has anointed me
  • To proclaim good news…

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Live from Livingston – December 2017

Newsletter_04_201712 longer (PDF)
Newsletter_04_201712 longer (DOCX)

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Sermon = The gospel before the Gospel (Isaiah 40)

Plenum creaturis

Isaiah iconSermon = The gospel before the gospel
Text = Isaiah 40 and Mark 1
Sunday = 2nd Sunday of Advent – 2AdventB

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  • Nahmu nahmu ammi(y) yo’mar ‘eloheykem
  • *** Comfort comfort my people! Says your God
  • To his people in exile
  • In place in situation do not want to be
  • Surrounded by different culture with different religion
  • Struggle to remain distinct + faithful to God they know
  • Away from homes
  • Town + villages destroyed
  • Turned to wasteland
  • How they experienced wrath of God in judgement
  • When can they go home + rebuild?
  • To people who experience loss
  • Have suffered + are discouraged
  • People who need hope
  • Look for situation to turn around
  • 1st thing God says
  • Comfort! Comfort my people!
  • Her warfare(?) is finished
  • Iniquity is pardoned(?)
  • Because she received enough from hand of the Lord for all her sins
  • However we understand that
  • How we understand our…

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Sermon = The first and second talent (Matthew 25)


Sermon = The first and second talent
Text = Matthew 25 and 1 Thessalonians 5
Sunday = 24th Sunday after Pentecost (A)


  • Bats. The Bat Scientists. The Bat House Builder’s Handbook
    • Let me tell you about bats
    • *** A few years ago my reading friend at the elementary school wants to read with me a book about bats
    • At first I think bats? You want to read about bats? Okay
    • After 30 minutes want to learn more
    • What fascinating interesting and important animals they are
    • How to understand them
    • Help them
    • Protect them
    • Even build houses for them
    • Shakre and I read that same book for one month
    • Share what I am learning with other people
    • They become interested in bats
    • My sister becomes excited
    • Buy her a copy of The Bat Scientists for her birthday
    • Discover something wonderful
    • Learn about it
    • Tell others about it
    • Do something about it
    • Bats. Let me share with you the joy of bats
  • *** Then the kingdom of heaven will be like this… It is like when a man goes on a journey… calls his slaves… trusts his property to them. To one he gives five talents… another two… another one… each according to his ability. Then he goes away

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Live from Livingston – November 2017

Newsletter_03_201711 longer (DOCX)
Newsletter_03_201711 longer (PDF)

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Sermon – Keeping the rhythm of creation (Exodus 20)

Sermon = Keeping the rhythm of creation
Text = Exodus 20
Sunday = 18th Sunday after Pentecost (A)

When our theology is right then our sociology will be right


    • *** On a cold day in November
    • Armetta drops me off at the seminary on her way to work
    • Very early and only person there
    • Find a room downstairs to stay until class begins
    • What do for 45 minutes? Pray? Study?
    • Watch television
    • See large pastor speaking to his church
    • “Oh no – TV preacher??? Will listen for just a minute”
    • He is very good
    • Talking about Exodus 20
    • Ten Commandments
    • Invites us to notice first 3 commandments
    • Focus on God and our relationship with him as creator and redeemer
    • Last 6 commandments
    • Focus on relationship with other people
    • Principles to guide relationship with God
    • Principles to guide relationship within human community
    • Go together… balance each other… even make the other possible
    • Love God completely… and live like it

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