January 17 activities postponed

Because of the unusual cold (and snow and ice) Kids for Christ and Bible study on the Psalms are postponed to next Wednesday January 24.

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Live from Livingston – January 2018

Newsletter_05_201801 longer (PDF)
Newsletter_05_201801 longer (DOCX)

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Sermon = What essentially is missing (Acts 19)

Plenum creaturis

baptism_copy__47500-1376701376-1000-1200_grandeSermon = What essentially is missing
Text = Acts 19
Sunday = Baptism of the Lord (B) or BaptismB


*** Introduction

    • Baptism of the Lord Sunday
    • Advent – our Lord and savior draws near
    • Christmas – Christ is born! Glorify him!
    • Epiphany – Coming of God as brilliant light
      • How God draws people of all nations + backgrounds
    • Now baptism – especially baptism of Jesus Christ
      • Not because he needs to
      • Important moment God reveals Godself as Trinity
      • And to provide example for us to follow
    • *** Baptism one of most important rituals of Christian church
    • Water -> pour or sprinkle or immerse
    • Words -> in name of Father Son and Holy Spirit
    • Represents new beginning
    • We become members of household of God
    • Seed of faith is planted
    • Parents… sponsors… family of believers nurture that seed
    • So we grow in love faith + knowledge of God
    • Many Christian groups…

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Sermon = Light. Do you (see-hear-speak-follow) it? (Matthew 2)

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mafa_arrivalofthewisemenSermon = Light. Do you (see-hear-speak-follow) it?
Text = Matthew 2
Sunday = Epiphany (B) or EpiphanyB



  • For the first time the universe has spoken to us
    • Two years ago press conference by LIGO
    • ***Careful not to say what they will announce
    • We think we know
    • After a short speech by head of National Science Foundation
    • Director of LIGO finally says
  • We did it! We detected gravitational waves
    • Next speaker physicist now at Louisiana State University
  • For the first time the universe has spoken to us
  • I do not know her religious beliefs or relationship with God who made heavens + earth
  • Probably she is not talking about God
  • How does God show himself and speak to people who do not know him
  • Are looking for God and do not know it
  • We who do know God + Scripture + gospel
  • How do we respond?
  • Today is Epiphany…

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Sermon = Growing the child (Luke 2b)

Plenum creaturis

Presentation at temple Jesus Mafa“Presentation of Jesus at the Temple” (Vie de Jesus Mafa)

Sermon = Growing the child
Text = Luke 2b
Sunday = 1st Sunday after Christmas (B) or 1ChristmasB



    • This year I resolve to
    • *** Exercise more
    • Read at least one book every two weeks
    • Build one model every month
    • This year is interesting
    • Because both Christmas Eve and now New Year’s Day
    • Fall on a Sunday
    • *** A common theme this time of year
    • Look back at previous year
    • Look forward to coming year
    • Another is New Year’s resolutions
    • This year will be different
    • This year I resolve to
    • So many resolutions we do not keep
    • Let me suggest one for all of us
    • For all Christian believers
    • *** When the time came for their purification according to the law of Moses, they brought him up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord… When they had finished…

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Sermon = The other side of Christmas (Luke 1b)

Plenum creaturis

The Annunciation by Henry Ossawa Tanner 1896Sermon = The other side of Christmas
Text = Luke 1b
Sunday = 4AdventB or ChristmasEveB


*** Introduction

The angel Gabriel is sent by God to a town in Galilee called Nazareth to a virgin promised to a man whose name is Joseph of the family tree of David. And the name of the virgin is Mary. And Gabriel comes to her and says, “Greetings favored one! The Lord is with you!” But she is troubled by what he says and wonders what kind of greeting this is.

– Mary

– for last few years have been thinking about the role of Mary in the great story of salvation

– *** Scripture readings + songs + traditions as we journey through season of Advent

– emphasize rightly how God creator of the universe will send his only son

– who enters the world

– takes on flesh and shares…

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Sermon = The winter Lent (Isaiah 61)

Plenum creaturis

k121-28_jesus_teaches_with_authority_at_capernaums_synagogue_75Sermon = The winter Lent
Text = Isaiah 61 and Luke 1
Sunday = 3rd Sunday of Advent (B) or 3AdventB

  • We wish you a merry Christmas
  • Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way
  • Christmas parties with food + drink
  • Let us celebrate Christmas together
  • *** As we should
  • Scripture we hear as we journey through Advent
  • Challenge us with the why of Christmas
  • The why of the gospel
  • The why of the good news of God about his son Jesus Christ
  • Good news to those who suffer
  • Who mourn
  • Who cannot save themselves
  • People living in darkness have seen a great light
  • As we prepare to celebrate
  • Pause to remember why people long for comfort
  • Long for God to break in and offer hope
  • Accomplish salvation among us + in us
  • *** Spirit of Lord God is upon me
  • Because Lord has anointed me
  • To proclaim good news…

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