Live from Livingston – June 2018

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Newsletter_08_201806 (PDF)

Volume 1 | Issue 8 | June 2018


We completed our journey through Lent and the Paschal Feast (also known as Easter) then Pentecost – my favorite Feast day of the Christian calendar – and then that strange Sunday called Trinity Sunday which emphasizes not an event but a doctrine. We now enter – cue drum roll – Ordinary Time! Recently called the Season after Pentecost which is better. Pentecost marks when by the power of the Holy Spirit the Christian church continues the work and mission of Christ. One can say Advent through Pentecost focuses on the story of Jesus. The season after Pentecost answers the question, So now what? And focuses on the church, how we witness to the saving work of God in Christ.

Earlier this year I sensed God leading me to focus on the gospel of Mark. So we can encounter Christ and respond to the gospel again. Although God might lead me toward a different theme. Such as, What can we do as believers who are part of a small church? Focusing not on what we do not have but what we do have. What did the early Christian church have? Big buildings and budgets with lots of events? The early church was mostly house churches and – this is less clear – clergy were often part-time and/or bivocational.

In other words the early Christian church was much like us. One of my teachers in seminary wrote his thesis at Oxford University on how this small movement spread so quickly throughout the Roman Empire and beyond – see The Evangelization of the Roman Empire by E Glenn Hinson.

By now you know how much I emphasize basic spiritual disciplines (or practices) over (although not necessarily against) church events and activities. Do we know and practice the Christian faith? As individuals, more importantly as families, even more importantly as a family of believers? Biblically speaking there is no such thing as the Christian life in isolation. Thank you for how you have visited, supported, and prayed for and with our church members in need, especially through times of grief. 


Church E-mail:
Pastor Rick’s E-mail:
          Pastor Rick’s Cell Phone:  225-921-2355


The Church Council lately has worked on a game plan to make the parsonage ready to be rented again. Thanks to those who did walkthroughs, prepared a list of what needs to be done – mostly cosmetic work – and met with contractors, received estimates, and worked on having the power turned back on. Thanks to everyone who came to express interest and support.

Hopefully short version = Estimates from contractors were very reasonable and the Council agreed to hire them to do most of the work (fix walls, paint interior, some floor work). That still leaves a short list of things we will tackle after the contractors are finished. We will use some of our savings to pay for the work. So we also created a Parsonage Remodeling Fund so we can replenish what we use from savings. We will let you know about opportunities to help prepare the parsonage (such as one or two work days). Our You Shall Not Pass™ deadline is August 1 although we should be done sooner.


Sunday June 24

10:00 a.m. Worship
11:00 a.m. Coffee and Conversation time (with Not Coffee available)

Sunday July 1

10:00 a.m. Worship and Communion


Every Wednesday = After school. Ages 12-18 hang out Main Library 2:30-3:30 p.m. Technology, video games, movies, snacks. Visit for more information. 

Every Wednesday = Mighty Moms. Main Library 3:00-4:30 pm. For free after school meal. 

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