Sermon = How ends the story, because (Mark 16)

Plenum creaturis

wpid-resurrection-jesus-mafa-2Sermon = Finish the story. Because
Text = Mark 16a
Sunday = Feast of the Resurrection (B) 

Presentation_Mark16_EasterB_20180401 (PPTX)

*** Introduction

  • while Sam + Frodo exhausted with no food or water struggle to climb the slope of Mount Doom
  • *** Aragorn + Gandalf + small army make their final stand before the black gate of Mordor and the armies of Sauron
  • will they succeed? or will Sauron enslave + destroy everyone in Middle Earth?
  • how does the story end?
  • ***When the Sabbath is over Mary Magdalene + Mary mother of James + Salome buy spices so that can go + anoint the body of Jesus
  • Scripture for today from Mark 16
  • begins with reality of death
  • other Scriptures describe clearly
  • beginning with Genesis 3
  • death is not + was not plan and purpose of God for creation including human beings
  • because God intended life for us
  • these same women saw…

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