Sermon = Are we where (Mark 11)

Plenum creaturis

palmsundaySermon = Are we where
Text = Mark 11
Sunday = Palm Sunday (B)

Presentation_PalmB_Mark11_20180325 (PPTX)


  • *** What day is today?
  • Today we emphasize Palm Sunday
  • Remember / experience / reflect upon the last Sunday
  • First day of that week
  • When finally Jesus arrives at Jerusalem
  • Take a moment to recognize what happens
  • The way gospel of Mark describes
  • Begins final act
  • Moment of crisis toward which gospel of Mark has been taking us
  • First half = Galilee… who is this Jesus?
  • Answer = Messiah / son of the living God
  • And do we understand?
  • Now on the way to Jerusalem… what kind of messiah?
  • Jesus consistently predicts he will be rejected + arrested + killed
  • And rise again
  • *** Finally Jesus + followers come to Jerusalem
  • In gospel of Mark Jesus comes as a pilgrim
  • With tens of thousands of others
  • *** Once in a lifetime pilgrimage to…

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