Sermon = What essentially is missing (Acts 19)

Plenum creaturis

baptism_copy__47500-1376701376-1000-1200_grandeSermon = What essentially is missing
Text = Acts 19
Sunday = Baptism of the Lord (B) or BaptismB


*** Introduction

    • Baptism of the Lord Sunday
    • Advent – our Lord and savior draws near
    • Christmas – Christ is born! Glorify him!
    • Epiphany – Coming of God as brilliant light
      • How God draws people of all nations + backgrounds
    • Now baptism – especially baptism of Jesus Christ
      • Not because he needs to
      • Important moment God reveals Godself as Trinity
      • And to provide example for us to follow
    • *** Baptism one of most important rituals of Christian church
    • Water -> pour or sprinkle or immerse
    • Words -> in name of Father Son and Holy Spirit
    • Represents new beginning
    • We become members of household of God
    • Seed of faith is planted
    • Parents… sponsors… family of believers nurture that seed
    • So we grow in love faith + knowledge of God
    • Many Christian groups…

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